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The new 15R MOVING HEAD ALL IN ONE, It fitted with a 15R LAMP, Emits bright, long-throw effects that concentrated beam angles, Convert the Beam to a Wash and Spot light using the motorized frost filter, Easily generate complex looks using the fixed gobo wheel plus animation effect Split the beam and cover larger areas with the crisp 3-facet prism, Create spectacular aerial light shows using extremely fast pan and tilt speeds, Project light where you want it with user-selectable pan and tilt ranges Increase effects with electronic dimming and strobe features, Create large, coordinated with Spot in master/slave mode, Continuous shows with individual reset of pan/tilt, color, gobo and prism, Minimize programming time with built-in movement. Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units, sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music.

High quality 330W discharge lamp 15R ( 8000 K, 2000 hours )
Angle 9° - 27° ( continuously variable)
Resetting the lamp on and off using the DMX512 signal
Extremely fast and precise movement
3- face rotating prism

Height: 541 mm
Width: 419 mm
Depth: 409 mm
Weight: 23kg

The color wheel (6 colors + white )
Gobo ( static gobos + open 14 )
Gobo wheel ( 8 gobos rotating + open )
Prism ( 3 - face rotary)
Zoom 9° - 27°( continuously variable)
Dimmer (0-100 %)
Iris ( 5-100 %)
Strobe (0 - 13Hz )
PAN : 360°/540°
TILT : 270°
Speed ​​control PAN , TILT DMX

Checking resolution marketing PAN and TILT ( 8bit or 16bit )
DMX512 : 22 channels
Setting and addressing : graphic LCD with back-light

Antireflection coated lens coating
Angle: 9° - 27° ( continuously variable)
Iris ( 5-100 %)
3- face rotating prism
Power light: Light power : LUX : 10 500 @ 20m
The color wheel (6 colors + white )
Gobo ( static gobos + open 14 )
Gobo wheel ( 8 gobos rotating + open )

Aluminum construction with plastic
Two side handles for transportation
Two lock rotation PAN and TILT for safely moving the head
Degree of protection: IP20

Two handles with quick enable screwing hooks
 Use only indoor
 Installation heads in any position
 Minimum distance from the illuminated surface : 5m
 Keep a minimum distance from the surrounding area head : 0.5 m

Power connector IN: Neutric PowerCon
DMX512 signal connector : 3-pin XLR ( IN, OUT )

Power supply : AC 110V - 240V , 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption: 350W
Protection: F5AL

IN Power-Con power cable ( blue connector )
Handles with quick head for attachment to the structure ( 2p )
User manual
Case 2 -seater (optional)

Packaging ( 1 pc ) : 480x470x700mm
Beam, Spot, Wash
Lamp: 330W 15R
Zoom: 5°-60°
Focus, Roto Prism, Static Gobo, Roto Gobo
Color Wheel
CMY Color
Iris, Frost
Dimmer, Double Strobo
DMX512: 21, 23, 34 channels
Fixtures: Remote controller lamp's switch function, display light and lamps
Voltage: 90V-230V AC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 490W
Size: 64x42x38cm
Net Weight: 23kg
Gross Weight: 25kg

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