Steinberg CI2+

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 USB bus-powered

The CI2 can be simply connected to a USB ter- minal on your computer and can operate on USB bus power.

 Phantom power (+48V) can be used

Phantom power can be supplied to two analog input jacks (XLR type).

 Compatible with Core Audio (Mac OS X) and ASIO/WDM (Windows)

Using with a Core Audio/ASIO compatible DAW software application such as Cubase helps to reduce latency (sound delay).

 Cubase AI DAW Software Supplied

Cubase AI software, included in this package, offers versatile, high-performance hard-disk re- cording capability.

 Quick access to Cubase with the Browse mode

The Browse mode helps to create new projects and new tracks quickly on Cubase.

 Quick recording with the Interactive Recording function

With the [Action Pad] button (or an optional Yamaha FC5 foot switch as an alternative), you can use the Interactive Recording function on Cubase. The Interactive Recording function pro- vides easy and quick recording.

 Controlling Cubase

The AI KNOB can control a desired parameter within the principal window and plug-in software on Cubase, specified via the mouse pointer.

Package Contents

The CI2 package contains the following items. After opening the CI2 package, make sure that it includes all of the items listed below.

• CI2
• CI2 Operation Manual (this book) • USB Cable
• Cubase AI DVD-ROM 

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