We will compensate for the price difference by offering a lower price than the selling price of the comparable product.

The "Best Price Guarantee" applies to all Muzi.lt goods that we have in stock at the time of the request and only to a specific buyer who has fulfilled all the conditions of the "Best Price Guarantee" offer. We invite you to fill in the comparison form before placing your order. After placing the order, the difference in the prices of similar goods is not reimbursed.

After providing information on the comparable price of an analogous product, Muzi.lt does not undertake to change the price applied to the analogous product in the Muzi.lt shopping center on the Internet. Muzi.lt undertakes only to compensate the difference in prices in accordance with the procedure established in the terms and conditions of the “Best Price Guarantee” for a specific buyer who has applied.

Which products are covered by the Price Guarantee?

The "Best Price Guarantee" applies to all goods sold by Muzi.lt that we have in stock at the time of the request.

With whom can you compare?

The reference product must be sold in one of the shops in the Lithuania.

The final selling price of the product is compared, with shipping or other costs related to the purchase of the product;

The comparative product is offered for purchase with all applicable taxes (eg VAT).

The comparable product must be in the seller's stock - the seller must have the product in stock or be able to deliver it within 3 working days.

Does it matter in which store the product will be found?

The store is important. In order to ensure the fairness of the participants, the price of the Muzi.lt product will be reduced only if the comparable product is sold in one of the stores registered in the Lithuania.

When is the price difference not compensated?

When, in order to obtain compensation for the difference in the prices of similar goods, the comparison form is completed after the order has been placed;

When the comparable product is not identical to Muzi.lt for sale, i.e. All parameters of Muzi.lt products must be the same as the comparator product;

When the comparable product cannot be purchased, for example: when it is not actually possible to buy the product because the seller cannot fulfill the order when the product is presented as sold out;

When the seller of the comparable product does not have the product in stock or has indicated a delivery period longer than 3 working days after the purchase of the product.

When the comparable product is not new, eg when the product is used, defective, refurbished, repaired, pre-owed, damaged packaging;

When additional conditions are applied to a comparable product in order to purchase it at a lower price than Muzi.lt, for example: a lower price than Muzi.lt is valid with a loyalty card;

When, at the time of valuation of the comparable item, the price of the comparable item is analogous to the price of the item being sold or the price of the item being compared is higher than the price of the item being sold;

How to specify products to be compared?

Next to the item covered by the Best Price Guarantee, there is a link to the comparison form that we invite you to fill out BEFORE placing your order;

A comparison with goods sold in physical stores shall be made by presenting a photograph clearly showing the product code and indicating the specific store (store address) where the comparable product can be purchased;

In the case of a percentage discount at a physical store and this is not reflected in the price tag of the product, two photographs must be provided:

A photo that clearly shows the discount condition and percentage;

A photo that clearly shows the product code and price.

It is important to fill in all the fields of the comparable form and indicate your contact details correctly;

After receiving the comparative form on a working day during working hours (9:00 - 18:00) Muzi.lt will evaluate the comparative form and the information provided together with it and will contact you within 1 working day. If the form is submitted on weekends or outside of business hours, it will be evaluated and contacted within 1-2 business days.

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